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How It Works

We are the First RON Notary to offer to Record your Files to the Blockchain

​Send Signer Invite
you will get an email from a RON agent to confirm the Documents you need signed and a payment link will be sent you and when your Docs are Ready you will get an invite via Email and SMS
​Signer Verification
​all Signers must upload a government ID, its added to files, Visual ID from Notary of signers ID to confirm image on ID matches.
​RON Live Signing
​Chat live with the RON Notary agent and upon completion you get the Notarized Documents sent to your email.

RON Notary Pricing

RON Notary

24/7 RON Support $25/per notarization
  • One Document
  • Free Setup
  • One on One Support
  • DS Notary Seal
  • US/ CA
  • International
you can Send your Notarized Documents to the Blockchain adding the Highest Level of Security in the RON industry in addition to our SOC 2 Type II ,X509 certificate and Seal
15 Minute Signing time
Traveling , New Home Closing Docs or any Document you need Notarized
50 States & International
Our Digital Notary meets all 50 States and International RON Standards.
Our Guarantee
Our Notaries will make sure your documents are done right the first time and will help you during the process to make it as easy as possible


The First Remote Online Notary that you can Send your Notarized Documents to the Blockchain adding the Highest Level of Security in the RON industry in addition to our  SOC 2 Type II ,X509 certificate and Seal on each Notary that is Securely saved in our AWS Cloud Server  

  • 2011, Virginia became the first state to legalize (RON)
  • ​COVID-19 pandemic stay at home and Social distancing helped RON get legislation and executive orders passed for its legal use in almost every state.
  • ​Doc's with Notary seal with RON are legal in all 50 states. 
  • every state has their own requirements its good to see what your state ask for in your RON process.
  • ​we encourage you to confirm legality with your Secretary of State
  • Certified Notary Agents
  • Realtors with their clients for Remote listing signings
  • Lenders for loan docs
  • Brokers with Closing docs
  • For a better video Experience we recommend that you have a good internet connection and user a Laptop or Desktop because all mobile devices are not easy for users to read fine details and when signing any legal document its always recommended you can read as clear as possible

Your Remote Notary Can be completed in 15 min on Average

* $25 The promotional price